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Twin City

Le Lavandou / Kronberg im taunus



The Lavandou / Kronberg im taunus

40 years of twinning !

Located close to Francfort, Kronberg has been created at the same time of the castle in 1220, at the period of the Staufer. The old and welcoming city of Kronberg is still today an area of half-timbered houses built at the end of the middle ages.

A real jewel next to the Taunus!

A city that already had in 1330 the rights of a city guaranteed by a royal decree.  The rail link from Francfort to Rödelheim, which started in 1874, brought Kronberg closer to the big city. Some green areas and marvellous parks emphasize the beauty of its maze of streets, places, alleys and stairs. Above all this: Kronberg castle, which was the home of a lord during the middle ages. It became in 1992 the property of the city of Kronberg Im Taunus.

Highly toursitic place, it is also well know for its cultural meetings. In 1972, Kronberg, Schönberg, and Oberhöchstadt gathered to become just one city. A twinning has been established with the city of the Lavandou which, each year, materializes through cultural exchanges and friendly visits. 

 Discover Kronberg : www.kronberg.de