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The Boats

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The Company Vedettes Iles d'Or et le Corsaire, offers you a large choice of excursions at sea from Lavandou.

Hourly information for the departures of boats in or on the site www.vedettesilesdor.fr 

On-line reservation of your crossing, cruise ... with LavandouResa !

The blue Cruise


A 50 nautical trip on a fast jet-propelled boat along our coasts and the islands. A 2 hours stop in Port-Cros and 4 hours in Porquerolles will allow to contemplate the beauty of "les îles d'or". 

Cross towards " Iles d'Or"

Embark from Lavandou harbor with the Company "Vedettes Iles d'Or"

Le Levant



Walk to the islands

1:30 to discover the civil part of the east and the north coast or Port-Cros.

Le Seascope, an extraordinary adventure !

You will observe the submarine world and discover the flora and fauna of our Mediterranian sea.

Boat tour to Brégançon

discovery of caps : le cap Bénat  (son phare, son sémaphore, les grandes maisons), "cap blanc", "le port-qui-pisse", "la Tripe"," la Reine Blanche" et enfin "Brégançon", the strong official residence of the President of the French Republic .

The coast of "Les Maures"

A walk where you will find the 12 sandy beaches of the town of Le Lavandou, villas waterfront, the tip of Cape Negro, where the landing takes place, the home of Dattier ... the magnificent harbor of Cavalaire


Away from trafic congestion the boat will sail along the wild capes of the "Varoise" coast, the Saint-Tropez peninsula and its movie stars'residences. Five hours to discover one of the best known villages in the world, its harbour and its luxury yachts, the old town and its fountains, the market on "place des lices", ist museum, the citadel and most of all its boutiques...

Naturalist output to cetaceans in the Pelagos Sanctuary. A departure from Lavandou.


In the heart of the Pelagos Sanctuary, it is a pure feeling of hapiness: a magical show of these close but uncatchable animals.

Respecting the environment, the Vedettes Iles d'or company offers an unforgettable meeting with the Mediterrannean Sea Mammals: dolphins, toothed whales, rorquals, black globicephals...

Meeting at the sunrise for departure, it is a 4 to 5 hours sailing trip to Cap Camarat or Le Levant and Porquerolles islands.

Everything is put in place to give you the chance to see them : the cetaceans are spotted by a plane. The crew invites you to scan the sea in case of water movements or cetaceans fins around.

A naturalist guide, specialist of the cetaceans is also on board to teach you many insteresting facts about these marvellous widl animals.