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THE PESCADOUS (fishermen in Provençal).


Every day, in the morning, the fishermen from le Lavandou, the « pescadous » as we call them here, come to the port, their boats full of fishes.

All become colours, sounds, smells and jokes. Come to share this privileged moment every morning in the port, which is entrancing and full of joy. 

It’s a special show where the « Madeleine » of Proust operates, when you notice these ancestral gestures, so present in our memories, and thanks to which remain in our hearts the voice of our origins. 
On the quay, prevails an atmosphere that one has to catch and to share in order to understand and to know better this city of le Lavandou that welcomes you all year long. 

With the pitching of boats, the hoop nets, the nets and the fishes still wriggling, the good-heartedness of the south is right here, with no artifice or manners. 
Fishes are sold by the fishermen’s wives on “la Halle stalls”, next to the quay.

You will find there a wide range of  small fishes living in the rocks, the ones we use to do the famous “bouillabaisses”, and some bigger ones like rascasses, congres, Saint-Pierre, loups…

We will advise you some cooking recipes.