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Faun and Flora

  • banc de castagnoles - Crédit photo H.Colombini
  • Posidonies
  • Panoramique posidonie - Crédit photo H.Colombini
  • Oursin - Crédit photo H.Colombini
  • Etoile-de-mer- Crédit photo H.Colombini

The « Posidonie »

The Posidonia Oceanica, called here the « posidonie » is very different from seaweed. It is a plant which makes flowers and fruits. 
It spreads widely until 35 metres deep because deeper it would be impossible for it to get enough light to realise photosynthesis. It plays a major role on life underwater:
It produces O2 in a big quantity (photosynthesis): and creates big forests underwater. It is called here “the lungs of the Mediterranean sea”. 

It is also a shelter against the predators, where the species can breed and take care of their offspring. One fourth of the Mediterranean Sea species settle there (“saupe”, cuttlefish, hippocampus, urchin…) Some animals hide themselves by taking its shape or colours.  
Important source of food.

Role of fixing sediments thanks to its roots.
Help to protect the seaside by limiting the heavy swell and preventing the beaches erosion thanks to its dead « ribbons » which constitute a kind of protection. 
The « Posidonie » and seaweed are vegetal (underwater flora) that constitute the 1st link of the food chain. All kind of disturbance of this vegetal system (water pollution, etc ) would trigger off a disturbance of the whole food chain.
  • Vegetation spoilt: 
    • Do not go off the track, do not walk over the vegetation.

    Tracks with flowers and rare plants protected : 
    • Do not pick up flowers.

    50 years to make a tree, a few seconds to destroy it:  
    • Do not smoke, do not light a fire, no camping.

    Nature for ever welcoming:
    • Do not liter. Plastic bags: each year 2 000 000 birds and 100 000 sea mammals because of them. die  

    Tranquility of the fauna : 
    • Keep your dog with a leash, no moto or 4X4

    Seaweed in danger
    • An anchor damages the seabed = spread the Caulerpa Taxifolia : Hunt this clandestine plant.