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The Maures Hill

From the Lavandou, go and discover the Maures Hill, a real paradise for the ones who love nature and the old stones of history.  

La Seyne sur Mer

Coast road in front of Toulon harbour where you will find the navy museum at Balaguier Fort, Napoléon Fort, Janas forest, or the « villa Tamaris » …


Discover « la Tour Carrée » an old seigniorial tower of 1520, Provençal crib, campanile etc.…


City known for its chestnuts, right in the middle of the Maures hill, you can reach it by the D41 and the Babaou pass.

Let’s come and visit the museum of the “marrons glacés”, and take part in the traditional feast of the chestnuts which takes place every year at the end of October. 


To discover: the turtles’ village, the donkeys’ hamlet and the museum of man and the environment (on cork).



The port, the village, the Provençal market, the Citadel, « l’Annonciade » museum, the church « Notre-dame de l’Assomption » etc.…


Medieval village of the 12th century, typically Provençal. Until 1913 the Lavandou was part of this city. Discover our picturesque alleys (Rue Rompi Cuou), small squares, chapels, the church Saint-Trophyme, the castle (you can’t visit it), the Fort of Brégançon. 

To see: craft, and a lot of other things…


To discover: the pipe factory, Raimu museum, Medieval and Templar Museum, cock museum, the carpets factory in Cogolin ( visiting the workshop is not allowed) etc…


Let’s discover the Hill l’Estérel, Boulouris creeks, the rocky inlets of Anthéor and the Trayas. 17th century Church : les « Templiers », archaeological museum (underwater), basilica, etc.…


To discover: the church and the chapel, Sarrasine door, the “résistance” memorial, the Mill of Paillas...

La Garde-Freinet

Located right in the middle of the Maures hill, this old village will surprise you with its fountains, washing-basins, archways in serpentine or lava stone.

La Londe-les-Maures

“L’Oustalet du Terroir” (Heritage and history, craft, regional products and some exhibitions), Golf of Valcros (an 18-hole course), Miramar port etc…


Medieval village between the land and the sea, a kind of modern lakeside village.  

To discover :  the church St-Michel of the 2nd period of the Roman Provençal calendar, the street « des Templiers », castle, the chapels...

Le Rayol-Canadel

Discover the Rayol estate where Mediterranean gardens will bring you to a wonderland of fragrances.


Discover: the old medieval city, the castle ruins, Massillon door, the « Villa de Noailles », the peninsula of Giens etc…

La Môle


The most ancient village of the region. It was built in 1008.

To discover : the church of 1869 façade en serpentine. From the RN 98 you can see the castle of « la Môle” where Antoine de Saint-Exupéry spent his childhood. 

The West- East Road

La Garde

Discover: the fortified castle built during the middle ages at the top of a big rock, ramparts vestiges, roman chapel of the 12th century, washing-basin, fountains, etc…

Le Pradet

The mine museum in « Cap Garonne » in the middle of the forest. There, the miners life and the history of rocks will take you for an amazing trip, deeply in the middle of the earth.  


Picturesque village set high up. You will find there a marvellous landscape over the gulf of St-Tropez and the Pays des Maures. Ramparts of the 13th century.  Church of the 16th century, medieval terrace etc…


Discover Toulon harbour by boat, the national museum of the navy, the Museum of Asian Art, the museum of the old Toulon, the landing in Provence memorial, the churches, the fountains etc…


Discover roman sites and buildings, the city archaeological museum, the navy Museum etc.…