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The chapels

Chapel - Saint-Clair


Little history…
Built in 1668, devotedly kept by a hermit, the small chapel of Saint-Clair was an important cult place for the inhabitants of le Lavandou who came very often to pray in front of Saint-Clair bust. He is the ecclesiastical patron of the dressmakers, said to be able to cure people of blindness.

Once a year, on the WithMondays, a big march is organized with the portrait of the hermit and Saint-Clair bust, which takes the faithful inhabitants to the village of Bormes.
But the small chapel was not safe from time and events and was declared national propriety on the 10th of October 1789. 
Later, the government told people that it was falling in ruins. In 1905, its owner made it razed to build a cottage!
The small chapel was gone, gone was the hermit and the terrific celebrations… Only the souvenirs remained, passed on generations. But in 1996 a new chapel was built close to the first place, and a copy of Saint-Clair bust was created.  The bonds with the past were taken up again.  
Since then, every year in September, the inhabitants of le Lavandou and the tourists are invited to revive this old custom, this is the “Romérage” celebration.

Discover the « Romérage » celebration

In provençal, « Lou Romeirage » means travel to Rome.  For a long time it has been used to mean this but now it is coined to refer to pilgrimages and marches.

Chapel – in Chapel street


Let’s discover the smallest chapel in the chapel street. From there, you will be offered a great view over the bay of le Lavandou...


Chapel – Great Lavandou

The chapel of “N-D de l’Annonciation”, is a small chapel of 10x6 metres. It is located at 60 metres high on the hill « la Vieille ». Not a long time ago, religious services were held the following days of first communions. It is M. Joseph Cauvet who made it built in 1965/ 1970 by Mr. Ernest Cauvet, to please his wife.