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The celebrities

The Writers

FRANCOIS RABELAIS (1494 – 1553), doctor and writer, in the « Renaissance » period. When he was a medicine student at Montpellier University he slept in Le Lavandou before taking the boat to the Levant Island where he wanted to collect plants. It was on may 22nd, 1537.
KESSEL JOSEPH (1898 – 1979) novelist, journalist, scenario writer, he stayed at the Moriaz Hotel in Cavalière and wrote there two novels in the fifties. 
BARRES MAURICE essayist, novelist and politician (1862-1923), he stayed at the Moriaz hotel.
JEAN COCTEAU writer (1889 – 1963) he spent all his summer with RADIGUET in Pramousquier at the Nègre Cape in 1922.

The painters

UTRILLO MAURICE French painter: (1883 – 1955). In 1940 he made a painting of the small fishermen village. He lived in the mansion « Les Cigales » in August 1938.
CHARLES CAZIN (1841 – 1901) painter from the Pas-de-Calais, he spent his last winters in Saint-Clair. He wanted to be buried in the old cemetery of Bormes.
HENRI EDMOND CROSS French pointillistic painter (1856 – 1910) he discovered Saint-Clair in 1891 and made his house built here. He died in Saint-Clair.
THEO VAN RYSSELBERGHE Belgian painter (1862 – 1926). He made his house and workshop built in Saint-Clair. He lived there all his life until 1926.  
NICOLAS DE STAEL russian painter (1914 – 1955). During one of his stay in Bormes in 1952 he made about forty paintings, inspired by the seashore of the Lavandou.

Other Artists

JEANNE SOURZA actress and partner of RAYMOND SOUPLEX in the radio show « On the bench ». She also gave this name to her house which has been replaced by the 3 islands residence. She opened a restaurant « Chez Jeanne et Nico » replaced today by the  « Vieux Port » restaurant, just near the castle – the house of the Lavandou- reniewed recently to welcome you all year long. We owe her the coming of MISTINGUETT in the region.
ERNEST REYER French composer (1823 – 1909). Inspired by our west wind, he wrote the first notes of his opera “Sigurd” on the port.  He made his house built here where he lived until his death in 1909.
A lot of other artists came in the Lavandou… Still today the Lavandou is frequented by celebrities who come here for its simplicity and peaceful atmosphere.

Les célébrités

Nombreuses sont les célébrités qui ont soit fait une halte d’une journée, soit venues passer des vacances, ou habiter dans ce petit village.

Mais que vous soyez célèbre ou anonyme, Le Lavandou respecte l’intimité de chacun.

C’est ainsi que l’on a pu rencontrer de nombreuses personnalités…