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Furnished Flats or Houses

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Find a rental in Lavandou; from studio to rental in villa.
Le Lavandou offers a wide selection of holidays rentals on its 12km of coastline.

Go ahead and choose from our many furnished hire. Thanks to the various search engine criteria, you can target the right rental for you. We advise you to choose at least 2 or 3 selection criterias to refine your search.

You can search apartments by ranking ie: non-rated "NC" or classified.

Do not hesitate to contact our Estate agencies that also offer you a wide selection of rentals for your holidays in Lavandou.
Number of persons :
Raking :
Owner's name :
Name of district :
Only listed, in this line, partners who have indicated their willingness to include their contact information. Non exhaustive list.
The rental agreement is mandatory for all holidays rentals and should include travel dates , arrival and departure times , the number of people (adults , children, babies ), possibly animals, the exact address of the rental, price, the amount of the deposit or the advance , the deposit , the tourist tax and any other details deemed useful by the parties.

The deposit: The deposit allow the cancellation of booking by abandoning the sum remitted to propriétaire. The owner can also cancel by returning the sum you .

The Down Payment: The down payment makes the final contract . Whoever forfeit shall indemnify the other party caused the damage.

Download the tourist tax in 2018 ....

Only listed, in this item, partners-have Who Indicated Their Their Willingness to include contact information. No exhaustive list.
To have the exhaustive list of the classified rentals, click here